Twitter vs. RSS Feed – and their revenue models?

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I read many great blogs. I keep up with them once a week when I have time. Using Google Reader, I have the perfect overview and I do not miss a piece of information.

Which is not the case with Twitter. I feel inundated with LOTS of unwanted information and there is zero overview. And I certainly miss a lot of information I would have been interested in. What’s the point?

I recently asked a dozen people around me (at different levels of Web-savvyness) if they used an RSS Reader… Half of them never heard of it and didn’t even know what an RSS feed was… whilst most of them used Twitter :-s

Seth Godin has a great post recommending you to give any RSS Reader a try
Chris Dixon makes a good point saying that Twitter killed RSS

I think that both of them are right. What do you think?

Why is Twitter used by nearly everyone and why do most people have no idea what an RSS Reader is?

Which one do you use?

PS: funnily, neither Twitter, nor RSS Readers have a well-defined revenue model – none of them seems to make real money through their core value proposition at the moment…

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